Benefits of Insects

According to University of Nebraska, Insects provide useful services to mankind and the environment in a number of ways. They keep pest insects in check, pollinate crops we rely on as food, and act as sanitation experts, cleaning up waste so that the world doesn't become overrun with dung.

Spider in the pink fragrant rose 

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Garden snail

Bee vs Bee
According to article, Insect declines and why they matter - Professor Dave Goulson, FRES, 
In the last fifty years, we have reduced the abundance of wildlife on Earth dramatically. Many species that were once common are now scarce. Much attention focusses on declines of large, charismatic animals, but recent evidence suggests that abundance of insects may have fallen by 50% or more since 1970. This is troubling, because insects are vitally important, as food, pollinators and recyclers amongst other things. Perhaps more frightening, most of us have not noticed that anything has changed. Even those of us who can remember the 1970s, and who are interested in nature, can’t accurately remember how many butterflies or bumblebees there were when we were children.

 “Every space in Britain must be used to help wildlife” - Sir David Attenborough

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