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Blue Damselfly mating: vibrant colours

The Common blue damselfly is our most common damselfly and can be found around almost any waterbody, or away from breeding sites in grassland and woodland. It is a regular visitor to gardens and is on the wing from April to September. They are in vibrant blue colour.

The Common blue damselfly is an aggressive species: males will defend their females as they lay their eggs, both from their own kind and other species. As with other damselflies, when Common blues mate they form a 'mating wheel' in which the male clasps the female by the neck and she bends her body around to his reproductive organs.

Common Blue Damselfly 

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Blue Damselfly mating

Download the picture

You can read about Common Damselfly in more detail

It is summer now. Please visit the ornamental gardens and parks around you in the UK.

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