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Fragrant Rachel Hybrid Tea Rose

Sweetly scented rose with many petal flowers of peach and pink. A delightful combination of pink and peach flowers with a lovely perfume. Glossy mid to dark green foliage. Excellent as a cut flower and for growing. This Gold Standard Award winning rose makes a perfect gift for anyone with the same name.

Pink rose with black and white background 

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Pink Rachel Hybrid tea rose

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The very first rose ever to be named after a person was 'Dorothy Perkins'. Jackson and Perkins was a company formed by Charles Perkins (1840 - 1924) and his father-in-law, Albert Jackson (1807 - 1895) in the USA. Jackson and Perkins is still one of the top US rose growers of today. Charles Perkins had a Grand-daughter named Dorothy and they developed a rambling rose which they named after her.

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